Cesium is built on WebGL, which all modern browsers support. However, if the Cesium Viewer demo application doesn't work for you, try these steps:

  1. Update your web browser to the latest version. Most of the Cesium team uses Chrome, but Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari also work.
  2. Try updating your video card drivers to better support 3D. First, determine the manufacturer of your video card. In Microsoft Windows, go to the Start menu and type Device Manager, and click on Device Manager when it appears above. Then find Display adapters in the tree, and expand it to see the manufacturer's name. It will most likely be NVIDIA, AMD/ATI, or Intel.

    Download and install the driver from your manufacturer:

  3. If you're still having problems, try visiting, which offers additional trouble-shooting advice.
Still stuck on setup? Ask for help on the Cesium forum. Just be sure to share your browser version, operating system and graphics card information when posting.